Tuesday, 16 February 2016


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             LEGGINGS  - GINA TRICOT




                         Today fast post of my simple home relaxed look. At home i look like this :) This shirt is super cute. You know purple is my favourite color and i love elephants!That's why elephant pattern sweatshirt  is my love. The shirt is cheap but good quality, so it worth the risk to by on Sammydress. I've received a lot of items already and they was very good.
I think they make the service better in the future and if would be the real photos of items, it would be great. But so far it is not so and the photos that are not on the models, please  read the description of the fabric and sizing and of caurse to make the right choice, look for reviews and stars,opinion of another byers,it's very useful!
They are working on it. The shipping didn't take whole month. So it was really fast.
                By the way, received my new vacation coin bank -mason  jar to save money for my next vacation :) So this is not only cool  home decor, but  cute useful thing. I will save the money in a stylish way :)

                   Сегодня быстрый пост моего домашнего расслабленного лука. Так я провожу выходные :) Вы уже знаете, что фиолетовый - мой любимый цвет, а так же я очень люблю слонов, поэтому это моя самая любимая домашняя кофта :) 

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