Thursday, 6 October 2016


                                                                                      DETAILS :

                                                                               PUSH UP BRA  -  PPZ 

                                                                              PANTIES - PPZ

                                   This crop bustier is super chic with allure lace cups and most heavenly push-up padding for sexy lift! Makes me feel confident and beautiful!Bustiers feature a built-in bra. They're typically shorter than a corset, ending just above - or right at - the waistline. I have already many bras and this time wanted to try something new.
Wearing something sexy will make you feel sexy. That's why is so important to wear something what inspires you. Sexy lingerie is an easy, inconspicious way of adding confidence. And remember.... lingerie is never about him. It’s always about you - how you feel wearing it?
You know.... In the world, everything is energy, and energy is creating your current reality. If you are wearing holey panties and stretched out bras, what kind of energy are you creating? Right. Destruktive. Or... you can choose the most approachable idea this season of wearing a bustier over a dress, if you like it!    
                              By the way on the last photo you can see my favourite perfume at the moment. It's Olympea (Paco Rabanne) You can smell this jasmine and vanille scent, sweet and warm with carmel taffy undertones on someone a mile away and it makes u want to follow them - so much i like this fragrance. It is a really '' The fragrance of a modern day goddess'', so elegant and feminin. It's not something I loved at first smell, but later on I couldn't stop thinking about it, so should be the woman!
And i just like wearing it with this beautiful lingerie, can you imagine now what a great combination is it? It think now you can not only see the picture but feel as well.

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