Sunday, 23 October 2016


                                                                                             DETAILS :

                                                                  SHIRT - SETWIGG

                                                                  LOCATION - MOSTAR, BOSNIA AND HERZOGOVINA

                              Hello my friends! Go to Bosnia and Herzogovina with me today!
While media focus on a ever changing border lines and war, this country the Bosnia and Herzogowina has more to offer to the travellers and it is unexpected little gem of Europe.
One of the most beautiful places is in Mostar.
                              Mostar itself is very beautiful - old town, spectacular bridge( Stari most), relaxed atmosphere, interesting architecture and history. If you'll go from Sarajevo, you'll spent a couple of hours to drive down but it worth it.
As for me I am stayed in Medjugorje which i found a little disappointing. The town felt very commercialised (maybe if you are very religious it may hold some significance.) Anyway I've booked hotel for 4 days there to see more. It's a good place - from Medjugorje you can go to Mostar and to waterfalls and to Dubrovnik if you want.
I think daytrip is not enough! There are short days in october...
I would go back in a second and I will think about this place very often.

P.S On my Instagram you can see more photos of this place! 

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