Saturday, 1 October 2016


                                                                                              DETAILS :

                                                                                         DRESS - ZAFUL

                                                                                         BAG - ZAFUL 

                        It's already 1 oktober! Isn't it crazy? Time please stop! But we must be positive and today i show you my fall's look.

I would wear this dress forever! It is so comfortable just like homewear. Fabric is soft, good,dress is so feminin -just like every dress should be. And of course absoultely beautiful. What do you think?
Seriously though it's gorgeous and the design is exactly what I was picturing in my head. Love also the retro vibes it gives to me. That's why i have combined it with socks.  

                                               So this time i have a good experience with Zaful shop again, with bag as well. Usually the bags are creased from chinese sites and looks cheap. Not this time.
All products from this site are excellent quality (especially for the price), they offer a great customer service and the sizing is correct 
(this is from my experience only)

 Make sure to check out their store for great and extraordinary fashion deals and check out their social media pages like Instagram to see some more photos and reviews.
I hope you guys enjoyed the photos and the short time with me :)

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