Wednesday, 2 November 2016


                                                                                             DETAILS :


                                                                                    WATCH - ABBOT&MOSLEY

                                                                                    CUT OUT BLAZER - ROSEGAL 

                                                                                    CHOKER - DRESSLILY

                                                                                    PANTS - MONKI 

                                                                                    WIG - DRESSLILY

                                      Kind of sexy business look today. After Halloween i just could't resist to take these pictures, they were all time in my head! Always this question with fringe or without? It is so typically for woman! I could't to make a decision, so i just ordered a wig. How you like it? It is human hait wig, smazing quality, looks very natural! There are so many beautiful colors and styles on dresslily!

It's amazing, but i've bought the pants vor 2 years, and now they mach perfectly to my new sexy blazer from Rosegal. 


Have you noticed it is a wig?
                            Most younger people are used to using a smartphone or other mobile device to tell time.In the age of technology, phones have truly become our most accurate watches.Technology has replaced many things....
Watches have become more functional jewelry than anything now. They aren’t really necessary for most people. But I still need the watch for the work. Do you wear the watch?
                              By the way, use the code 'Aleksandra' to get the discount on their shop, if you want to buy online this beautiful accessorie!

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