Sunday, 11 December 2016

What To Wear: New Year’s Eve

                                      DETAILS :

                                                  DRESS - GINA TRICOT 

                            MASK  - SIX

                                                           LOCATION  - HUY, BELGIUM

                   Now that year is almost over, I hope you already have your New Year's Eve party plans. New Year's Eve is the best night of the year for a party i think! It's a chance to dress up, show off your sense of style and ring in the new year!But always  is dilemma - what to wear?

My secret is: black is always good idea!Even though fashion trends change every year, some basic dressing rules still hold strong when it comes to the year-end parties.
                         Have been looking misterious place for this shooting and have found it by chance. Sometimes it could be more succesful than planed ahead. It is easy to breathe some freshness into this outfits with mask or shoes or glitter clutch!This night you can shine!

 One more reason - you'll be taking lots of New Year's Eve pictures, so let's make sure you love what you're wearing!And the last... be confident!
Whether you've planned a big night out or you're sticking closer to home, i think you should embrace the opportunity to dress up and make your day!

What are you wearing this New Year’s Eve? Have fun on your party!

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