Friday, 16 December 2016


                                                                                      DETAILS :

                                                                             DRESS - ZARA 

                                                                             HAT - ASOS 

                                                                             BOOTS - SHUHTEMPEL24

                                                                             UMBRELLA - PLEMO

                                                                             LOCATION - MÜHLE EGELSBERG, KREFELD 

                             To find beautiful location is not so easy but it is like narkocic for me. Because Germany and the whole world is so beautiful and i want to see all of the beautiful places. Sometimes i just don't now should i post more travel or fashion photos. Becouse i love both. I feel happy when I’m gaining new experiences and i think travel is the best school ever. I am indeed very happy when i am traveling. And new experiences gives us moments to remember. 

Fashion makes me happy as wellI like to use it as a way to express myself, increase my confidence. Also... do what makes you happy!

So hope you will stay with me and we will explore more beautiful places and unique locations together! What you see better on my blog, traveling or fashion looks?

Have you nice weekend guys!

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