Wednesday, 7 December 2016


                                                                                               OUTFIT :

                                                                                         CAPE - ZARA 

                                                                                         BERET - ZARA 

                                                                                         LOCATION - BURG ELTZ / COCHEM

                                Hope you have christmas mood already if not, i will try to make it!The weather is cold and miserable. But! Do you know, winters are the perfect time to head for a picnic! Off season? It doesn't matter! Cosy picnic in a good company and christmass mood! If you are in doubt, you should make the picnic in the winter but need to find the right place. It has special sharm, believe me!This is my recipe of the great mood! But when it is cold you need to dress well. And remember : this time of year the dark comes before you really noticed that it was a new day. So take lights, candles, laterns with you and enjoy romantic place!

                            Winter picnics can be a fun, unique and memorable experience! Have you picnicked in winter before? Would you?

And if you want to go to Germany in the winter, you should visit Cochem! I think there is most wonderful cute and atmospheric Christmas market.

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