Friday, 20 January 2017



                                                                                     DETAILS :

                                                                 DRESS -  SAMMYDRESS 
                                                                 SHIRT - SAMMYDRESS 

                                                                 SCARF - WILLOW BEAUTIFUL SIX STORE 

                                                                 CHOCKER - HD JEWELRY FACTORY 

                                    Imagine walking through a lane in Goa with Portuguese houses all around you, cows on the road, palm trees and birds singing....

                                   I was so sad to leave my little paradise Goa. But life goes on and today  i will show you another 2 outfits from my trip. I would say always - keep the material and silhouette breathable and airy. It is most important if you choose outfit for the vacation and Goa especially because it can get very hot during the day. Another thing you can take  use to accessorise yourself is a printed scarf it was very useful on the sun as well.
And of course carry some chunky jewellery to give your look a stylish touch - most of them you can buy on the beach or night market (North Goa) and in Margao city in South Goa as well. Aromas of Margao market is still in my head....By the way, i like Margao Market it was great experience here, lots to choose from - cashew, spieces, sari's , accessories, souvenirs, tea, indian sweets, fruits, holy flowers and so on. 

                                 By the way, flowers...they are symbol of happiness, prosperity and completion of purpose of life. One of the most popular flower and easily available almost all year round is marigold also know as gaindas or ghendas in India. is likewise associated with the sun - being vibrant yellow and gold in color. In India can be used in many religious ceremonies, wedding and festivals.
And remember: if you are confident enough and comfortable enough in whatever you are wearing, nothing else should matter.
What is your favourite travel destination?

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