Wednesday, 22 February 2017


                                                                              DETAILS :

                                                                            DRESS - SHEINSIDE 

                                                                            LOCATION - BURG SATZVEY, MECHERNICH

                           To wear dress and go to the castle it is my favourite hobby now :)However it is not Cinderella's dress it is very beautiful and I am still feeling great in it, feeling like woman with my husband-photograph-knight!
                           You definetely know that Germany is famous for its castles. I like to visit castles and to step back to the Middle Ages a little bit.I is so romantic and inspiring! No wonder a lot of popular fairtales come from the Brothers Grimm!

This castle is medieval moated castle from a 12th centur, located in Mechernich and one of my favourite after Eltz, of course, and surely belongs to one of the most beautiful in Northrein Westfalen. If you are in Germany i hope you have a free day to not only enjoy the local cuisine, but to take a look around and experience some of the most awesome cultural heritage Germany has to offer.
                        There are about 20,000 castles dotting the immaculately splendid German landscape. Can you believe it?Of course it depends on of what one considers as “castle”)
                        Sometimes here takes place some medieval festivals where everyone dressed in 12th century outfits, the knights show, witch nights, opening restoraunts and another interesting events. I would love to come back another day and it will be my 3rd visit. I find it is very interesting, so if you get a chance, visit during a market! Would you like events like this?
If you want to travel back in time with me stay tuned!

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