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                                                                                         DETAILS :

                                                                                   CAPE TOP - NASTY GAL 

                                                                                   PANTS - RIVER ISLAND 

                                                                                   LOCATION - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOWINA 

                          Bosnia was never a place I felt a strong desire to visit, but after i visited i was fallen in love. Bosnia was a lot more beautiful than I had expected! If you go there, you need at least 4 days.

1. To see amazing Kravica Waterfall - a true hidden gem! I was reading on the Internet, a lot of people having a lot of trouble finding anywhere on the internet that shows exactly how to get to them.I found it very easy. Mabe becouse we are stayed in Medjugorje(Medjugorje is a place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, known primarily by the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1981. This place is good located for all the trips we made)
40 km outside of Mostar, it is perfect place to spend a summer day. Around 25 metres high, the waterfalls cascade into a stunning emerald coloured lake.You need to take the road to Ljubuski - it is all reasonably well-signed round there i think. if you still have a questions, contact me.

2. Stari Most (Mostar) - Stari Most is a 16th century, Ottoman-style bridge and Mostar’s most notable architectural landmark. Stretching 28 metres across the Neretva river and connects the two sides of the city. There are large bazaar selling ethnic traditional Bosnian items and very interesting atmosphere as well - must see.

3. Blagaj. The dervish monastery located on the rock, is built in 1520 and is full of history. Like fairy tale. This is the nice and quiet place to getaway from the city. there are a lot of restaurants nearby located right on the river and very scenic, you can enjoy this view all day. You can also take a small raft into the cave!The place is lovely and picturesque but very touristique. There is only a small entry charge (about 2 Eur), but i have really enjoyed this place. Come as early as possible, as this small, but pleasant place, quickly fills with tourists.

4. Wild horses. (20 km from Mostar, you can enjoy the beautiful  nature, dramatic mountains, amazing landcapes and wild horses of course (near of Chabulja mountain )

5. Of course you should visit Sarajevo and learn about the devastating war conflict (1992–1995)
Unfortunately i didn't have time to do that.If i will go there one more time, i will definetely do it.

6. From here it was easy to access, Dubrovnik (Croatia), and Budva (Montenegro) However i had only 4 days i could do that, but if you go there, you definetely need to visit it It is good chance to visit more that 1 country in a 1 week.

7. You need to try Bosnian cousine. It is cheap but tasty, balanced between Western and Eastern influences - interesting mix of turkish and european food.

Happy travel!

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