Friday, 10 March 2017


                                                                                            DETAILS :

                                                                                 DRESS - SAMMYDRESS 

                                                                                 NECKLACE  - LICLIZ 

                                                                                 RING  - LICLIZ 

                                                                                LOCATION - MOYLAND CASTLE,GERMANY

                       Hello there! On the Sammydress online shop is always  available a gorgeous selection of dress models, so i choose this one for my next castle shoot, it has impressed me the most! Last week I visited Castle Moyland, which name derives from the Dutch word Mooiland which means "beautiful country". And it is really beautiful! Baroque garden elements such as the avenues and moats still dominate the basic structure of the complex.

                       It has elements of a landscape garden and architectural garden, a sculpture garden as well as a herb garden. But i think ssummer time is best for the visit. There is also museum and picture gallery.
This castle looks nice from the outside but could be dissapointing inside if you don't like art. Photography inside was not allowed so you can enjoy my picture only from outside.
If you will be here, you should definetely visit Holland, Venlo for example and eat famous dutch herring. It is such a good possibility to see more countries at the same time. I always go there few times a year to buy some cheese and eat herring with onions.

Would you visit castles in Germany?

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