Wednesday, 8 March 2017


                                            I think it is the most beautiful dress all over the world for women. Yes, i am talking about saree again. As you know, saree is a single piece garment usually of 5.5m to 9 meters(including the extra piece for the blouse) Last time i wore saree in Sri Lanka and it was such an amazing feeling. The silk sarees tend to be expensive depending on the material, but this time i have bought simple saree for every day. These are a breeze to wear, they are airy, roomy and soft. And i love it with all my heart. To wear saree, apply Henna and bindi , anklets and some of head accessories... It is not just a carnaval for me, not a trend or cultural appropriation. I just love it deep in my heart and i am really happy wearing it. Love India, the culture and Hinduism. Maybe i was born in the wrong country?

Which country do you love with all your heart?

And i wonder that Indians are most accommodating people and they love to share their culture and traditions. They are amazed to see people trying understand and follow the culture. And i appreciate it too. India is the country of various cultures living together celebrating happiness and sorrows together and it is amazing.

But if draping a saree become a 'nightmare come to life' situation for you or you would love to learn to wear it, I promise, soon i will show you how i drape saree. H
ope it will be interesting for you!

Just take your time :) 

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