Friday, 31 March 2017


                                                                                         DETAILS :

                                                                                     DRESS - FATIKA 

                                                                                     LOCATION - TEJITA BEACH, TENERIFE


                       As you know for my short weekend getaway i was in Tenerife. I find this place very beautiful so i have decided to shoot here some pictures. Anyone flying into Tenerife South Airport will have seen the red mountain, Montaña Roja (The Red Mountain), a volcanic cone, a protected natural reserve and juts into the Atlantic right opposite the southern airport. The mountain is named for the colour of the rock of course, which exposure and time have muted to deep burgundy. When the sun sets it has specially red colour.
                       However the beach is easy to access by car, and there are parking spaces in both ends of the beach, there are no toilets or any restaurants and there is always so windy. The beach not much suitable for swimming, but for walking or picnic it is really good place.
Maybe that's why it is not typical touristy beach. But if you know me good, you know that i don't like to feel crowded on the beach.

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