Thursday, 15 June 2017


                                                                                               DETAILS :

                                                                                          DRESS - SISJULY

                                                                                          PANTS - ZEAGOO 

                                                                                          BLUE SHIRT - ZEAGOO 

                                                                                          LOCATION - KÖLN, GERMANY

Cologne has a really good location - you can go to Belgium or Netherlands, even to Paris is 5,5 hours by car. it is center of Europe for me. So what to do in Cologne?
  • You need to see the Köln Dom. Built between 1248 and 1880, Cologne Cathedral is regarded as a masterwork of medieval Gothic architecture. It is one of the finest ecclesiastical edifices in the world.Climb the 509 steps to the top of Kölner Dom, it's a romantic spot to watch the evening draw in across Cologne come sunset.
  • Discover Cologne and its surroundings - with a direct view of the neighbouring Cathedral - in a way you've never seen it before on the top of the Köln Triangle!
  • Visit chocolate Museum. On a rainy Cologne day, this museum is just perfect. My favorite part is tasting the warm chocolate from the chocolate fountain. The tour is interesting because it not only looks at the history of chocolate and cacao use globally, but also looks at chocolate machines and techniques though the years. Price- 11,50 euro for adults
  • Take a boat trip along the Rhine andee the city from a fresh perspective on a two-hour round trip on the Rhine. Boats leave from north of Deutzer Brücke.1 hour about 10 Eur. 
  • Visit Cologne's old town and try 'Himmel und Äd'. Famous dish ind Cologne.
  • Try Cologne Cable Car (Kolner Seilbahn). Short trip across the river.The cable cars are a cute attraction, at a reasonable price that give you a nice view of the river and city. If you have 30 min., just do it!
P.S.  Cologne has more to offer. You can click the link to buy my outfits :)

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