Thursday, 14 September 2017


                                                                                        DETAILS :

                                                                                LOCATION - DRACHENBURG, GERMANY

                                                                                 DRESS - FASHION MIA 

                   You know how i love castles. I am lucky there are many castles in Germany. Today i would love to share with you with my favourites. 

1. Drachenburg (we shoot our wedding photos here, that's why i like it most of all)

2. Eltz castle. The most beautiful in Germany i suppose. You have seen it many time on my blog already.

3. Paffendorf. It is not far from Cologne that's why so attractive. Really beautiful. 

4. Wasserburg Anholt. One more beautiful castle not far from Netherlands border.

5. Stolzenfels. One of my favourite in Rheinland Pfalz with amazing garden! Must see.

6. Satzvey. Really must see. Amazing castle with pond and ducks. You will find it on 

my blog as well. Sometimes there are different performances and markets.

7. Augustusburg. It is not so old, but has beautiful garden and statue.

8. Moyland. Not far from Netherland's border as well, so you can visit 2 countries as well. Has nice pond and museum as well.

9. Bürresheim Scloss. Another beauty wih interesting history.

10. Burg Veynau. On the way to Saztvey.

Would you like to come and visit some of them?

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