Sunday, 1 January 2017


                                                                              DETAILS :

                                                                     COVER UP - ZAFUL
                                                                     NECKLACE - Holly light Jewelry
                                                                     SKIRT - CHBBLF APPAREL
                                                                     LOCATION - MAJORDA BEACH

Hello guys!
This is my first but warm post of this year.

                           As you know, I've spent some time in Goa and i am excited to show you some outfit pictures from my trip. This is the place to wear something bohemian because it's no secret that Goa is one among the top hippie destinations in India/in the world. I think people are doing here what they love, that is why it’s hard to find someone who is unhappy in Goa.That's why i've chosen Goa as my next destination.
If you want to escape from your daily routine, get together the bunch of hippies, pack your bags and lose yourself in Goa, way far from the noise of metro cities,  you need to go to India.
Here you can really switch off, embrace your inner hippy, enjoy the food and the weather and relax.
                          That was the first, hard but really beautiful day of my trip. After spending 23 hours in 4 airports (Cologne - Berlin - Abu Dhabi- Goa) and planes i was really tired. You definetely know how exhausting spending hours at the airport could be with long lines, flight delays and layovers. But i can tell you, it worth it!I wanted to see this view so fast as possible!

                         Hope you like the look and the photos. I would love to wish you Happy new year!Every New Year gives you the perfect chance to start something new and fresh. So do your bit this year and make the world a better place for yourself and others. I hope the new year brings you all what you want and was looking for.

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