Wednesday, 4 January 2017


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                                                                                         SWIMWEAR - ARIEL SARAH STORE 


                                  India was always my dream. One day i decided to go. But i thought, that i'll become in Goa much less of a culture shock than in other parts of India because this place is the the most westernized and easy going state in India and most touristy area. The combination of Portuguese colonialism in the past and a high influx of tourists now, makes this place different. That's why i carefully choose Goa before i go to Delhi.
                              This is my favourite Majorda beach, quite clean for India, water like everywhere else in Goa. Beach has few but very friendly shacks, where the stuff mostly talk english and russian, beach is surrounded by coconut trees,so beautifull! On weekends its more crowded than usual, but still a very nice place to spend the day. I really recommend it to the travellers who want to stay away from the crowded North Goa beaches as i do.

                              Yes, this is India... there are cows, pigs, dogs on the beaches, but it all makes India so unique i think. And that's why i like it.
To live Goa for a couple of months is dream of mine and i hope i will make this dream come true in the future. I’m just so in love with Asia and it is always so hard to leave!
What is your dream beach? More peaceful or more crowded with bars and attractions?What would you choose? 

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