Monday, 16 January 2017


                                                                                         DETAILS :

                                                                                  CAPE - COSPLAY STORE 

                                                                                  WATCH - MOCKBERG 

                               ''Gerda thought she had never seen anything quite so beautiful. She huddled into the reindeer's neck happily as he ran, sure that she would soon see Kay again... '' It is a wonderful place where you can run for miles in crisp, fresh snow....
                                 Do you remember this fairytale? Feeling like Gerda this day! And now Iam so thrilled to share this winter wonderland photoshoot with you!It was -22 outside, the reindeer were amazing, such beautiful animals, really docile and friendly. And it was great fun! I think woman with reindeer looks magical and poetic so it was my dream for a long time!
Do you want a photoshoot with reindeer too?

                                I like winter, but winter in Russia, not in Germany. There are seasons that fit all tastes… I like snow more than the rain because rain resembling tears, but snow gives me magical feelings and nature is so dramatic in the winter! But but it’s enough that there is snow in the places I travel to, but i would love to live in the summer.
Can you handle the cold weather? I was wondering do you like winter?

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