Monday, 30 January 2017


                                                                                  DETAILS ;

                                                                               NECKLACE - PREPIECE JEWELRY

                                                                               DRESS - JUSTMYSTYLE

                                                                               SCARF - INJOY BEAUTY HAIR

                                                                               BRACELET - JAASA FASHION

                             What you know about people who live in Goa? The Portuguese arrived here over 500 years ago, and of course have left their own unique footprint here. People who were born in Goa when Goa was under Portuguese rule are entitled to be Portuguese citizens. It is a great oportunity for most of them. They like being Goan and their identity is visibly quite different from the rest of India - their own identity which is a mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures.
But I feel like an indian girl here in this country.... it's the atmosphere... I even have tried  carrying on the head! It seems like a very good way of carrying objects over long distances.

And yes, i don't like to dress like a 'backpacker' so i always try to look similar to the people who live here.It is also very comfortable - maxi skirts and dresses, cotton fabrics, harem pants. Many accessories and mehendi - i adore the bohemian vibes it gives me ... i could wear it always. Also... Keep calm and escape to Goa!

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