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                                                                            DETAILS :

                                                               SUNGLASSES - IZIPIZI

                                                               LOCATION - VRINDAVAN, INDIA 


                  Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India, also known as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love" and it's one of those festivals that is loved by all be it man, woman or child.. People visit family, friends and foes to throw coloured powders on each other, laugh and gossip, then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. It is an ancient Hindu festival with its cultural rituals even is mentioned in the Puranas and is celebrated the day after the full moon in March each year.

               It was my dream to go to India this time. It is a great time to visit India, the country is at its most vibrant and exciting, people are amorous and yourclothes get a new lease of life with the abundance of colour thrown about.

              Shops start selling colours for Holi in the days and weeks beforehand. People are more willing and comfortable to play Holi with dry colored powders which are known as Gulal. Of course i like more powder than colored water. We have bought some colors , and celebrating too. It is really funny and joyfull to play with colors.
             The most famous place for celebrate is Vrindavan and Mathure - the place of birth of Lord Krishna. There is popular legend, that the naughty and mischievous Lord Krishna started the trend of playing colours. He applied colour on her beloved Radha to make her like him.

But it is celebrated all across the country, but with different intensity.
  • If you’re a single girl, try to stick around with people you know well and are comfortable with. Because being a female in India you’re going to get extra unwanted attention anyways, and being a foreign female tourist you will be a prime target in India. Do not wear  revealing clothes like shorts - you will bring even more attention to yourself. 
  • If you want to take a walk, go early in the morning and come back before the celebrations kick in.
  • take your sunglasses with you (avoid getting colour into your eyes) Sunglasses on the photo with leather protection really saved me. 
  •  Bhang lassi is a very powerful intoxicant made from marijuana leaves, disguised as a sweet, delicious drink. Dont't drink it.
  • it is great way to know better indian culture and traditions so just try it!
  • protect your camera! (Use the ziplock bag for example or special waterproof bag for the camera)
  • eat some Gudjia (sweets of Holi) 

Would you play holi?If you don’t mind getting dirty for a day it’s a beautiful way to mark the end of Indian winter.

Next Holi in case you want to come :

In 2018, Holi is on March 2
In 2019, Holi is on March 21

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