Saturday, 1 April 2017


                                                                           DETAILS :

                                                                        CARDIGAN - GAMISS

                                                                        LOCATION - SAFDARJUNG TOMB 

                                                                         SCARF - SAMMYDRESS 


                                      Hello there! There are many things to do in Delhi. But today about Safdarjung tomb.
Tomb of Safdarjung is a sandstone and marble mausoleum in New Delhi and one of important historical tourist spots of Delhi i think. Entering through the main gate gives a perfect view of the mausoleum.The tomb is built from sandstone and marble and is very peaceful place what is perfect for the morning walk and where one can wander appreciating the architecture.
It is always cold in the mornings so i wear my favourite long cardigan from GAMISS and ethnic scarf which i find perfect for India as well. It was only one day without traditional indian clothes on me.

I really enjoyed being there. So if you love architecture like me you will definetely like this place.  Have a nice day! 

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