Monday, 10 April 2017




                                                                    DETAILS :

                                                              SHIRT - ZAFUL 

                                                              LOCATION - HEERSTRASSE, BONN 

                                                              SHOES - GUESS
                                                              HAT - H&M 

                                                              IPHONE CASE - RICHMOND&FINCH 

                                                              WATCH - MOCKBERG 

                           Beautiful street known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue. If you can't go to Japan you can visit Heerstraße in Bonn where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom now. Every spring, usually mid April, the street in Bonn is booming with these pink magical blossoms. Have you heard about it?

                             This year i decided to go and to see this amazing pink explosion. Depending on weather the blooms will hold about 2/3 weeks. So you still have a possibility to see this magical place. The street's popularity can make it quite crowded with more people than flowers, so go early morning. Bon is really good located - so you can visit Köln and Düsseldorf and a few castles of course if you have time.
                             By the way on me today unique and elegant flounced blouse from Zaful with refreshing floral print. Look for chiffon or ruffle detail? Then it is good choice - super cute and very light fabrics
 with cute details at the neckline . I adore it not only in spring but all year round. It is so feminin and now it will reminds me about beautiful spring we had.

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