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                                                                                                     DETAILS :

                                                                                          SEQUINED DRESS : CHICME 

                                                                                          LOCATION - TENERIFE 

                                  What you won’t find on tourism flyers is one of the more interesting places to see and to shoot of course. For example on the Southeast coast of Tenerife, just up the hill from a newer small village are the remains of an aborted early twentieth-century sanatorium. When you get closer to the curious town you realise that this ghost town has stood empty for a lot longer than it might at first seem. I love lost places photography because you get lost in the photographs. My imagination is running wild. What happened here, why was it abandoned?  
It is about the curiosity about how things change, and how life might have been at this place before.
And then i red the history.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) an outbreak of leprosy on the island of Tenerife began to raise alarm.  Leprosy was once a major disease in Tenerife, with thousands dying each year. This is a leper colony that never was. Because scientists discovered Dapsone, a drug that revolutionised treatment and changed the world for those people suffering from leprosy. The leper colony was no longer needed and were just left half-finished.

                      The “Sanatorio de Abona” consisted of forty buildings, including a crematorium, dormitories, a hospital, and the impressive church - the most visually stunning structure and it is visible from the main Tenerife highway TF-1 (Autopista del Sur). Exit 42 (TF-629) will take visitors to Abades. I think this place is a reminder of Tenerife’s past, completely unknown and ignored by the modern tourists but this past is fascinating nonetheless.

I think lost places are always good for black and white photography. But today this place inspired me to take some photos with contrast - ruined church with chic sequined dress from CHICME, i find it is very interesting combination. This webstore has many beautiful dress to choose and the quality is very good so I've been very pleased and got so many compliments wearing this dress!!!

Do you love lost places or they scare you?

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