Friday, 7 April 2017


                                                                                       DETAILS :

                                                                                     BLACK BLOUSE - SHEINSIDE 

                                                                                     LOCATION - TENERIFE 

                             Just back from Tenerife - it is a popular winter holiday destination due to its warm, sunny, sub-tropical climate, so you can anytime go and enjoy the summer.Of course there is more in the island than sun, sea and sangria :)

                       So today just a little bit landscape in the island of wind and everlasting spring. I like the scenery - it is pleasing to the eyes, it’s incredibly diverse (banana plantations, rocky coves, palm groves, 'martian' sand, sometimes dramatic and picturesque, sometimes  mysterious and mythical.
Surreal rock formations and sleepy fishing communities, wild, rugged slopes, big waves... Especially i like the rocky coastline and wild beaches... i will show you soon!

On me today black blouse from Sheinside, i find it fits perfect for my trip, because black is always good idea! It looks elegant but dramatic as well just like the landscapes. I chose different places for the photo shoot so hope you like it!

Have you been in Tenerife?

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