Thursday, 20 April 2017


                                                                                DETAILS :

                                                                           DRESS -  FATIKA 

                                                                           LOCATION - LOS REALEJOS, TENERIFE 

Hi there!
                      Wondering what to do in Tenerife? The island has a diverse selection of landmarks and natural areas. Of course all of you know about Loro parque with its zoo, Siam Park (biggest and best A Thai-themed aquatic playground of water slides and adrenalin-pumping rides) , El Teide with its unique landscapes or even Auditorio de Tenerife in Santa Cruz (an incredible building designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava), if you have seen all the volcanic nature of the island....

Then i will show you another gorgeous spot. To go there you need to navigate to El Toscal Calle Romantica. Then you can simply go for a short walk to where you feel like.

                        This Water house ruin is situated in the north of Tenerife in Los Realejos (Gordejuela Casa del Agua). It looks so epic and has a wonderful view of the ocean so i would love to share with you with this place. If you are in Tenerife you just must see this place however it is still not very popular. This is ideal place for people who like to be in nature and for those who like lost places like this. 

Have you already planed your trip? Where do you go? 

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