Thursday, 1 June 2017


                                                                                          DETAILS :

                                                                                    LOCATION - TROCADERO, PARIS

                                                                                    DRESS - WEDDING&EVENT

                              With spring in the air, many brides are preparing to walk down the aisle. Many children have spent hours upon hours mesmerized by their favorite princess... And i think even girls who love wearing jeans every day will agree that to wear long and chic dress... is something magical.

                         However my wedding was 5 years ago i am always happy to feel like a princess or bride. If you're a bride who isn't into the idea of wearing white on your big day, you could choose this dress wonderful lavender color. Nothing is better than finding a dress that you love and realizing it comes with pockets, right?

Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, dressing up like a princess can be a fantasy come true. And i thing it is no better place than Paris to show you this magic.
How was you promt, wedding or kid's fantasy dress?

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