Tuesday, 29 August 2017


                                                                                               DETAILS :

                                                                         DOUBLE SLEEVED SHIRT - HENRICA LANGH 

                                                                         DRAPED SKIRT  - HENRICA LANGH

                                                                         MAKE UP by  OLGA SINKINS  

                                      Today i s to introduce you my last time favourite brand. It is so special. Want to know why? Henrica Langh says that the brand was born from a combined love of design and art, and a desire to create fashion with a heart. I really appreciate this position. There is so many mass market clothes without love and heart nowadays. And i should say it is so pleasantly to feel the designer's love wearing her clothes.
Can you imagine, clothes made from natural fibres for example the organic cotton. Did you know that unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is farmed according to internationally recognised organic farming standards and is free from pesticides and other synthetic and toxic chemicals.

What I like about this collection - it is so artistic, filled with melancholia, emotions, and poetry. It is really close to my heart you know. I was so inspired by the clothes that have decided to make new me, tried new make up (you know how i love eye liners and it was really hard for me to try something new)

How you like new me?Do you like the outfit?Would you wear it every day? 

By the way if you want to see more photos of Spain next week, stay tuned and go to Instagram

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