Saturday, 12 August 2017


                                                                                 DETAILS :

                                                                             LOCATION : ICELAND

                                                                                 WEARING : 
                                   MANGO JACKET, BELMONDO RUCKSACK , NATIVE PRINTS SCARF

Öxarárfoss - A very well preserved park just a short drive away from Reykiavik. This waterfall need to be the part of your Golden Circle. This waterfall can be accessed after a short walk from the parking area.
Entrance to the park is free. As always early or late mean less tourists and the best color and light would probably be in the morning too.but there are always possibility to make good photos. Near the camping area there are cafe where you can by souvenirs, use toilet, by some chocolate ha ha. You know from my Instagram that i adore icelandic chocolate. So it was my main meal in Iceland. Just kidding. Fast.
Öxarárfoss is certainly a scenic waterfall, and the utterly unique geology is fascinating (at least to those interested in such things)

Skógafoss - Very beautiful and powerful waterfall and easy to get to. Short walk from the car park to the waterfall and absolutely free. Great views and great photo opportunities. Keeping people out of your frame will probably be the hardest thing to do here at least during the tourist season :) It is possibly the most famous waterfall along Iceland's Ring Road. You can almost walk right up to the falls. Prepare to be wet! Umbrella or raincoat wouldn't hurt here couse the spray of the waterfall. Also it's worth taking the time to climb 427 stairs to the top for an amazing view or just drink some tea in the restoraunt near the fall. Nearby restaurant serves excellent food, especially the soups and desserts.

Kerið - it was our first sightseeing - a crater located right next to the street, and while it costs some money (quite affordable car parking), it is definitely worth the stop and it takes about 5 minutes to walk around the crater. The extinct volcano now has a lake filling its crater. You can hike down to the water or all around the rim. Can be visited on the way to geyser. Still touristic, but not that crowded and the beautiful place for photos.

I was wearing bright and metallic clothes in Iceland i think it suit the nature and landscapes especially good. How you find it?

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