Monday, 14 August 2017


                                                                                          DETAILS :

                                                                           DRESS -  ROSEGAL 

                                                                           LOCATION - KASTEEL HELMOND

                        It was a typical boring Sunday evening when i wanted to go to Belgium. In the morning i have changed my mind and decided to go to Netherlands. That's why i love Cologne - here you are in the middle of Europe.
                       About my outfit. When I stumbled upon this website, my first impression was how trendy these outfits were at such incredible prices.  And they’re going to be just perfect for vacation clothes if you’ve already planned your summer getaways (or even if you haven’t or even not in summer :))
I personally love geometric patterns and bright colors. So i had no doubts with choosing this Rosegal dress.

                        By the way if you are looking outfit for the Halloween (omg august is almost fall... ) there are some gothic dresses for your party look which you definetely can't miss!

                        And remember! Scientists have found brighter clothes make you happier! ‘Looking at warm, bright colours, releases dopamine — known as the “feel-good hormone” — which can improve our mood, heighten the attention span and even boost our sex drive.

Have a good day!

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