Sunday, 23 July 2017


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                                                                                                LOCATION - AGRA 


                                 To best time to visit Taj Mahal in the morning. Because it is the most beautiful time. The Taj is opened all days of the week except Fridays. Overnight stay in this city is very much recommended so that you can visit all the monuments including three world heritage sites in city - Taj, Agra Fort and Fatepur Sikri of course. The best way to see Fatehpur sikri is on the way to Jaipur. We have stayed 2 nights at the hotel 'Ray of Maya'. Very nice place.

There are no words to describe the beauty and importance of art and architecture of this beautiful temple, iconic tourist attraction, a masterpiece, one of seven wonders in the world!Before I visited Taj Mahal, seeing the pictures I always wondered it's just a white mosque and why it so special. But now i know. It is incredible feeling to see it. Everyone tells you it's amazing but you don't really get it until you are there and then you realize how cool it really is. And believe me it really is, it is must to see place in lifetime.The building itself is as beautiful as they say. 

Preis for the foreign tourists 1000 Rs. Tickets may be purchased at all three Taj Mahal entry gates. There are separate queues for Foreign tourists and Domestic tourists and signs will direct you accordingly.

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