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                                                                               LOCATION - AGRA FORT, INDIA

                             Visiting Agra and then the Taj Mahal you can not miss going to the fort of Agra. Is situated in the right bank of Yamuna It attracts not only foreigners, but also plenty of local Indians that have come to Agra on holiday or just come for a day trip from Delhi.Many people misunderstand Agra as a place of Taj Mahal alone. There are a lot of attractions here and a lot more to do. Most spectacular of all is the fact that from the fort you can catch a glimpse of the Taj Mahal.

                              It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty till 1638. The fort is huge and mainly made out of the beautiful red sandstone with marble rooms inside. The architecture and design are magnificent. Entrance was 300 INR. You can walk through the buildings, palaces and temples. It’s far better than the Red Fort in Delhi where we were not allowed to enter most of the facilities.
It’s convenient to stay in a hotel that’s near the Taj Mahal, that being Agra’s main attraction.

                              If you visit Agra, i could reccomend you to stay in hotel 'Ray of maya'. Great location - not far from Taj Mahal (short walk about 15 min to  the western gate), very helpful staff (they have even received my package from the post), clean room and good wi-fi, it is really important nowadays. Very good restaurant in front of the street and it was very quiet. Also i would stay there forever... i am writing and i have huge smile on my face... 

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