Thursday, 4 May 2017



                                                                                 DETAILS :

                                                                  SUNGLASSES - DOLCE & GABBANA 

                                                                  DRESS - FATIKA 

                                                                  LOCATION - LISSE, NETHERLANDS 

                                Spring in the Netherlands can mean only one thing: the annual blaze of colour across the countryside that signals tulip season is here! Then part of Holland transforming into a vast sea of flowers. Long spring season with cool nights makes Holland the perfect country for tulip growing. You can go to this website to become more information where and when the tulips grows if you want to go there next year. Since a couple of years there they provide a weekly update about the flower status in the Keukenhof and the flower fields around it. It starts around mid March and ends mid May. It depends on weather of course.
                             Photos where taken in Lisse, this is the area where tulip farmers grow their flowers and you can enjoy this beauty absolutely for free.

You can see the flowers also in Keukenhof near Lisse, in the world’s largest flower garden park. Each year, Keukenhof is open only two months in spring each year to show off the best of Dutch tulips, crocuses, narcissus (daffodils), and other bulb flowers. The park is an easy day-trip destination from Amsterdam and most cities in Holland. I was in keukenhof 4 years ago. But i must admit it is very crowdy there. And i would reccomend to visit only free fields till you are not gardener :)

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