Tuesday, 8 August 2017


                                                                                           DETAILS :

                                                                                        BODY- TOPLOOK 

                                                                                        FRINGE BELT - BAOXIU STORE

                           This tripallows you to experience all the contrasting elements of nature Iceland has to offer: mountains, lakes, hot springs and lava fields like this of course. Tis is my wonderworld of lava field. Mangled lava rivers, that have solidified and that are now taken over by moss. Magnificent landscapes. A walk on a rugged and barren lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula is the closest thing you can get to the moon! But i think The whole of the Icelandic landscape looks like it’s not from planet Earth. But sometimes i had an apocalyptic feel.

                           Can you believe, about 52% of the Reykjanes Area are covered with Holocene lava fields (43 km²). Our apartment was in Grindavik, not far from the popular Blue Lagoon, so we have seen this landscape every day.

                           Have you seen more dramatic country than Iceland? It was my oportunity to try something new - black lipstick for example. And this is my fashion photostory from Iceland. Hope you like it :)

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